About Luz Rosa


     Luz Rosa, AKA "Confidence Rosa" is someone who shines with personality, professional demeanor and courtesy.  Luz is a "go-getter" and good at what she does.  She is an extremely busy Notary who renders services to multiple Title and Loan Signing Services companies (all recurring) in Houston, Texas.

     Luz is driven to success with the skill set attained through years of experience as a Legal Administrative Assistant (background) and Professional Notary signing agent. She has the fuel and energy it takes to stay competent in the Real Estate field where customer service is paramount - someone who is courteous, friendly and has a professional demeanor.  Rosa has won the trust of all of her repeat clients that makes her standout as a loan signing specialist.   The reward is the borrowers' smiles and sense of relief who feel comfortable and confident around her when she enters their homes in a witness/notary capacity, while the document signing session is being held.

     Delivering the good news expected or beyond expectations on interest rates (via their respective loan documents) to all borrowers is delightful and it brings her joy and motivation to head out to the field determined to meet her goals of completing 1-7 closings in a given day.  Being bilingual, thorough, accurate, detail oriented, pursuing continuing education (NNA) and staying focus on her performance is her forte.  The success she shares with multiple title and signing document services has kept her active and in demand for several years now.